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Prince Phillip and The Beast (Part 1 of 2)

 Pairing: Julian and Logan (Jogan)
Notes: When Logan and Julian are left to take care of Amanda and her friends:) It didn't really turn out the way I expected it to and I think I'm going to keep this storyline going for awhile. 

Logan wasn’t sure how he they had convinced him to sit with the five year old little girls. All he knew was that the plastic chair he was sitting one was way too small and that his legs were beginning to cramp. He glanced across the table as Julian rose to his feet, telling the girls dressed as princesses some elaborate fairy tale that he had cooked up on the spot, dramatically spinning the red cape he had buckled to his shirt and once in awhile brandishing the plastic sword that was strapped to his belt.

Derek, having been cast as Julian’s sidekick, stood beside the actor wearing a multicolored jester’s hat. The two of them looked ridiculous, well, Derek more than Julian. And it was all for Amanda, Derek’s little sister. She and her friends had immediately tagged Julian as Prince Philipp from the Sleeping Beauty the moment they laid eyes on him and were insistent on having him act out the movie for them.

A girl with curly blonde hair had been cast as Aurora, and she sat patiently on Logan’s lap, pretending to be asleep. Logan had never been more uncomfortable in his life. The little girl, he wasn’t sure what her name was…was it Mandy? It was something like Mandy… Mandy didn’t do a very good job of pretending to be asleep; she kept moving and bouncing up and down excitedly. Logan would just try not to move, he kept his hands tucked under the tiny chair, praying for this little party to be over as soon as possible.

Julian seemed to be enjoying the attention; he was now waving the sword around, pretending to cut down the thick vines which covered Sleeping Beauty’s tower. The next thing Logan knew, the tip of the plastic sword was right in his face and Julian was saying “Release the princess, you foul beast!”

He glanced at Derek who was failing miserably at suppressing his laughter. Mandy had let out a tiny ‘eep’ and the rest of the table stared at them with wide eyes. Julian raised his eyebrow, waiting for Logan to respond and without any warning swung the sword, the plastic clonking loudly against Logan’s skull. It took Logan a few minutes to respond, the dull pain in the side of his head distracting him from just hitting Julian right then and there. Mandy had jumped off his lap and was now seated on the small table, her hand covering her open mouth.

“Your spells are no match-” before Julian could finish what he was saying, the door swung open and one of Derek’s current, or not so current, girlfriends strode in angrily. Derek immediately threw off the jester’s hat as the teenage girl walked right up to him and slapped him right in the face. The sound of the slap echoed in the living room, Amanda and her friends were gaping in horror. Logan stood quickly and tried to think of something to say before the girlfriend began yelling something about Derek missing their last few dates.

Derek began talking quickly, trying to usher her out of the room so that his sister and her friends wouldn’t hear. Julian tried stepping in, and that was a bad idea since the angry girl tried grabbing the sword from his hand to smack Derek with. Derek was eventually able to get her out of the room, closing the door behind them after glancing at Julian and mouthing “Watch them.”

The two Stuart boys stood staring at the closed doors awkwardly, wondering what could be possibly going on. After several seconds of the thick silence Julian finally said “So...ideas, anyone?”

The girls stared at him curiously; Julian looked at Logan, silently asking for help. But the blonde boy shifted and said “I…I saw that there was going to be a docu-”

“Ok. You know what? I’m going to stop you right there.” Julian then turned back to the little girls and said “I saw plastic beads and craft stuff in the closet earlier. We can make some jewelry for your dresses.”

Amanda and her friends loved the idea and within five minutes the girls were all seated around the table, making bracelets and necklaces with plastic beads. Julian had made it a game, saying that the girl with the nicest jewelry would get candy, it wasn’t a real contest, actually, since he knew he’d be giving all of them candy anyway.

“If you’re Prince Phillip, who’s he?” one of the girls’ asked, gesturing towards Logan.

“He’s the Beast.” Julian answered without missing a beat.

“And why is that?” Logan asked, immediately regretting asking the question in the first place.

“Your temper and your face.” The entire table erupted in giggles. Logan glared at Julian, who was grinning smugly as he adjusted the red cap he wore. The actor winked at him jokingly and went back to helping Mandy cut some string for her third necklace.

Logan kept his hands folded around his phone, hoping for a phone call to get him away from the small table. It’s not like he was really needed, Julian was doing fine on his own. He watched as his friend, would occasionally reach over and help someone string a bead or cut some of the plastic strings for them. It made some sense, actually. Julian was probably around kids a lot, at charity events perhaps. And he was an actor that had to contribute to something since he knew how to handle every situation with a smile.

The sound of a phone beeping caught his attention; he checked the one in his hands. It wasn’t his. Julian smoothly pulled his out of his pocket and answered it. After a few seconds he glanced up at Logan and motioned for him to stand so they could talk. The two made their way to the far end of the room; Julian said “I have to go.”

“What? Now?”

“Yeah. But only for around five minutes, it’s a phone interview.”

“Can’t you put it off?”

Julian shrugged “I might as well get it done now. Besides, it’s five minutes. You can handle them for five minutes.”

Logan was about to protest even more but decided that that would probably earn him some harsh jokes from his friend. Besides, five minutes wasn’t too long. And Derek could be back any minute. He finally said okay and Julian was out of the door with his phone to his ear, and Logan returned to the table.

He wasn’t sure if he should sit down or stand over them. He felt huge as he stood over the small table and the small chairs and the small girls. It was three minutes in and Logan had realized that he was actually counting the minutes down in his head. He glanced at Amanda and noticed how she kept brushing her hair away from her face; Derek’s sister looked up and noticed the older boy watching her. She smiled shyly and approached him, and holding a pink ribbon approached him and asked “Can you help me please? I don’t know how to tie it…?” She held the ribbon out to him expectantly.

Logan felt as though his mind stopped working. How do you tie a girl’s hair? Was it the same as tying a regular ribbon, like on a parcel or a shoelace? Amanda put the ribbon in his hand and turned her back to him, waiting for him to fix her hair. He looked at the door; damn it, Jules, where are you?

Maybe he should just tell her that he didn’t know how to and that she should wait for Julian. Did Julian know how to tie a ribbon? What if he did tell her to wait for Julian then Julian would come back and it turns out that he did know how to tie a ribbon and then Logan would never hear the end of it. Ever. He took a deep breath and slowly knelt so that he could be at the same level with her. Now what?

Julian had left the door partly open so that if ever Logan did anything stupid anyone could hear it and coming running. Leaving Logan alone with the kids was definitely not one of Julian’s better ideas; he went through the interview as fast as he could and immediately made his way towards the den. When he arrived at the door, he froze.

Amanda was facing him and Logan was kneeling behind her; struggling to pull her hair back into a ribbon. His brow was knotted in concentration as his hands worked to arrange the loose strands; once he had them in a bunch he began twisting the ribbon around it. Julian couldn’t help but smile as he watched Logan awkwardly fixing Amanda’s hair; the small girl looked up and caught him staring. She smiled at him, he gestured for her to keep quiet.

He wasn’t sure how long he was standing at the door watching as Logan once again failed at properly tying the ribbon. He had to place his hand over his mouth to stop himself from laughing.

“What’s going on?” Julian turned and saw Derek approaching him, he looked worn out from his fight from his now ex-girlfriend “Did you leave Logan with my sister?”

“Relax. Nothing…”

Before Julian could finish what he was saying Derek had walked right past him and into the den. Logan looked up and breathed a sigh of relief as he watched Derek and Julian enter the room, one looking irritated and the other wearing a smug grin.

“Logan helped me fix my hair” Amanda said innocently running forward and hugging Derek. He looked up at Logan and nodded “I see…” he didn’t really do much about the hair, it was still messy and the ribbon was already coming undone but at least he tried. Logan stood slowly, his knees were cramped from kneeling for so long, he caught Julian’s eye and frowned. The smug prick.


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Mar. 27th, 2011 04:41 pm (UTC)
**has now read this over ten times**

This is amazing.
Mar. 28th, 2011 09:29 pm (UTC)
awwwwww! =w= Logan fixing a little girl's hair...oh the image is just precious =w= i love this! =w= and now i must reread it :3
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