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Prince Phillip and The Beast (Part 2 of 2)

 Pairing: Julian and Logan (Jogan)
Notes: Second part of the Logan and the kids fic. It's fluff, fluff and more fluff.

Derek had decided that the next best thing that they should do was to watch a movie. The candy Julian had promised the girls was evenly distributed as they cuddled up in front of the large television, waiting as Derek set up the movie. Logan had tried to sit apart from the group, but Amanda had insisted on him joining them; if it wasn’t her pleading that got him to do it, it was Derek’s glare. Never upset Amanda while in her brother’s presence.

Julian sat at the other side of the sofa, still wearing his costume proudly. Mandy sat on his lap, telling him about the time when she and her brother had first ridden a horse. The actor smiled and joked with the small girl. Once the movie began they all stopped talking and watched as the tale of the Beast was explained. Logan heard Julian say “I wonder why Logan didn’t tell us he was in this movie.” There were some giggles and soon they were quiet once more, watching as Belle entered the small French town.

The entire group was swept up by the Disney movie and as the iconic dance scene was coming up Logan felt his phone buzz. He stood to check it; it was a text from Michele, asking if he would have dinner with her and his father. He took his time to reply and when he turned to move back to the group Julian was standing right behind him.

“Can I help you?” he sneered coldly.

Julian smirked at him and shoved something in his hands “A little girl made this for you. You should ask her to dance?”

Logan looked at the small plastic bracelet Julian had shoved into his hand “Why would I ask her to dance?”

“Because, your Royal Majesty, she made you a really nice bracelet-”

“It’s pink.”

“Color is irrelevant. Just...she’s a little girl, Lo. She won’t eat you. She’s the girl in yellow.” Logan glanced over at the girl Julian had pointed out. She sat with her back against them, engrossed in the movie. Logan felt his palms begin to sweat “She’s…she’s tiny.”

“Which is why I can assure you that she won’t eat you.”

“That’s not…” Logan ran his hand through his hair. He was so caught up with the thought of dancing with the small girl that he didn’t notice the mood in Julian’s eyes turn from annoyance to something else. “How am I supposed to dance with her if she’s so tiny?”

Julian laughed “You can let her dance on your feet…or…carry her.”

Tale as old as time, true as it can be, barely even friends then somebody bends, unexpectedly

“The song is starting. Go be her princes charming.” Julian said, grabbing Logan shoulders and steering him towards the small girl.

Logan coughed, catching their attention; she looked up at them with large blue eyes “May I…have this dance?” The small girl smiled shyly and rose from the couch. Logan glanced back at Julian who smiled at him encouragingly.

The tall boy carefully lifted her off the couch and set her down in front of him, inviting her to stand on his feet as he took her hands in his. Her hand was engulfed in Logan’s, the weight of her body too small to be even remotely painful as she steadied herself on his shoes. They swayed on the spot together; Derek stood and carried Amanda, pulling her close as he also swayed to the smooth music.

Julian watched his two friends danced around the room; the way Derek was whispering something to his little sister making her laugh, how Logan would occasionally glance at him to make sure he was doing the right thing. Julian gave him a thumbs up then he felt a light tug at his sleeve.

It was Mandy.

“Would you like to dance?” he asked, holding out his hand.

She shook her head “It’s okay.”

“Are you sure?”

“I just wanted to ask…why aren’t you dancing with the Beast?”

Julian raised his eyebrows questioningly “Because he’s ugly…” he muttered turning back towards his two friends “Besides, we’re both boys. Two boys don’t usually dance these kinds of songs together…”

“But you still love him.”

He turned to the small girl to make sure he had heard right. “What…?”

“I said…even if he’s ugly and you’re two boys, you still love him. And it’s okay to dance with the person you love. Even if you’re two boys.”

Julian was silent for some time, watching the small girl stare up at him innocently before saying “What if…the Beast didn’t love Belle?”

She thought about it before answering “Belle wouldn’t really know until she told him.”

“And how can she tell him?” Julian laughed despite himself. This little girl figured it out, before anyone else did. How wonderful.

“It’s like in Sleeping Beauty…”

“Aren’t we talking about Beauty and The Beast?”

She scowled at him “They’re all related. When someone is asleep like that, and doesn’t really know anything, only True Love’s Kiss can wake them up.”

“How old did you say you were again?”


The lights in the entire house were off; Julian sat on his bed, turning the red cap in his hands and thinking about what Mandy had said. He nodded to himself and pulled on the red cap, slowly making his way out of his room. Each step he took his heart would beat faster, he felt his way along the dark corridor, fingers brushing the rough wallpaper. Soon, he was at the door; at Logan’s door, his fingers slowly curling around the handle.

There was no wall of dangerous vines with thorns, or dragon or an evil witch. It was just him and his heart. His fear of getting shot down, of losing everything. He closed his eyes and opened the door quickly; it glided smoothly on its well oiled hinges and made no sounds.

The light from the moon cut through the curtains made strange shapes on the walls. There was an outline of the tree outside the window, the shadow of a standing lamp looked like some strange monster. He glanced around the room and saw the bed.

He was halfway across the room when he realized that he had killed the dragon. He wasn’t scared anymore, he had made it this far, he didn’t need to be scared. Soon, he was at Logan’s bed, watching his sleeping form.

Logan slept on his back, his head tilted away from the windows making the light highlight his jaw line in such an artistic way it made Julian’s breath hitch. He knelt by the bed slowly, carefully pushing back some light hair from Logan’s face. “Logan…” he whispered, the blonde boy remained motionless, his breath warming Julian’s already flushed face. True Love’s kiss. And he took a deep breath and leaned forward. And he kissed Logan, gently, lovingly, wishing that he would wake up. He moved away when he felt Logan’s lips twist into a small smile.

He braced himself for the worse. But, Logan was smiling at up at him. He still looked sleepy, but he was smiling “If this means I’m the princess, you can get out of my room now.”

Julian shrugged “Princess Logan is a better than the Beast.”

“I’ll stick to the Beast, thanks.” Logan answered, taking Julian’s wrist and pulling him into another kiss.

And they lived happily ever after.
                 Well, for the most part.